A Philosopher at the End of the Universe

by Darzamat

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Eiríkur Stardragon
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Eiríkur Stardragon Since I was a kid, I have always held the concept of being attuned to light & dark close to heart. The title track is quite powerful. A star dragon approves! Favorite track: A Philosopher at the End of the Universe.
Pavel Kozlov
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Pavel Kozlov The long-awaited return of Polish underground legends!
A pensive and mature take on their brand of everything blackened and gothic, 'A Philosopher...' reveals heretofore unexplored shades of melancholy without sacrificing the passionate catchiness and mighty riffage of its predecessors. And then there is Nera... She rules supreme in all her witchy glory, striking the perfect balance between the theatrics of Darzamat's classics and the soulfulness of her solo efforts with NeraNature.
Favorite track: The Kaleidoscope of Retreat.
Reminiscence 01:41
Like a hawk, I swoop down on your countenance Like a shadow I immolate your soul Like knowledge I cloud your mind Like a priest I make you harden your heart A philosopher at the end of the universe A crown of spearheads on my head Human! King of all kings! My morgenstern is called freedom In shards of stained glass I read the false past I kindle the torch of knowledge tonight I am the end, the light and the dark I am the flame I burn and hurt your eyes I am a lone wolf The enemy of the meek I am the firebrand The mark on a leather-bound book Exultant I look forward to the coming of dawn Which has everything and remains alone Arrows are shot into the darkness The night illuminates with stars Blinded by the cosmic light I do not seek redemption I’m here to kindle desires And show you that fear is a handful of ash
I take upon my shoulders the weight of the world Blood and ugliness, bitterness and pain Death, mourning, sadness and deep shadow Still the world is hard to accept I cast away the body, the seat of pain and doubt My gaze does not fall on the lifeless My touch shall not heal the lost and the blind I shall make torpid earth wake to primeval chaos Charmed by dark beauty I free nightly spirits from the abyss I still remain a part of the only mystery Kindling desires in souls gone astray I am liberty, the Devil's own work An iris of fire, an oracle mad The flame I carry and you follow Dances to the wingbeat of my black arts If but a drop of what I feel Flew up in the sky Wings would lift infinity And the universe would burn like a torch Run, run, running in the Dark
My gaze falls cool on you, with no emotions I cannot see the sparkle in your eye I want to tell you more than my lips allow I will regret not keeping you with me, But now you must go on alone I can't believe you'll never tell me Of things I had no time to ask about Of how imperfect we all are Every single star must fall There are words, undeniable There are deeds, irreversible There are thoughts, unforgettable Shorter days, longer nights I caress my moonlit visions It is winter, still this lovely tree decides to bloom Clouds they carry rain, so don't look back Forever night The wind-lashed tree It's the secret of life This is the horizon of your fears I'm closer than you think
What’s behind the mask should stay concealed Look at the stars One of these long cold nights Look how hard they shine Hide if you can still can! If you choose to open these doors Do so with utmost care In the name of everlasting wounds In the name of endless pain In the name of lustful dreams In the name of a silent god My sacrifice… You do not understand But you must believe Look at the stars One of these long cold nights Look how hard they shine If you choose to open these doors… Secrets are meant to stay hidden Ice covers memories and emotions I have entered the secret room You can start praying The tearful game is over Days without love or glory Forgive me and think me not mad In darkness everything feels the same Sticky shadows upon shadows The lying game is over
The icon of Man on the monument of the world I am Mors rules the land on the other side of darkness The serpent is arisen in my breast I curse and feel when God deserts me I am the dissonant chord The rasp in the heavenly symphony How I deride the Scriptures How I despise the tombs of the mighty To beg the world for a single tear is useless I’d rather make a pact with the Devil Instead of bowing my head in contrition I shall fly up to Heaven and order God to kneel Adore my sinful lust Adore my restless onyx heart Adore my boldness and my pride Volcano swollen with a thousand streaks of lava From black stars which pierce infinity I watch the twilight of the gods All angels will fall All sacrum will lose divinity When heavens turn to darkness
The raven has eclipsed the sun Brewing storm covers the skies Despair goes from grey to black Horizon drowns in darkness As frothing waves rage and roar Mournful choirs whisper Flooded by sorrow I am ruined Pain in the eternity of passing Through grudging mist I ramble Bitterness and gloom have overcome me A single word that stabbed me hard Face whitened by its frosty gaze Forgotten shadows stretch their arms In a funeral conduct Sworn into silence, phantoms glide by Thrown on its back, the past has died Death whispered the only verse it knows And scattered everything … He will remain Forever silent His mouth was shut before he tasted life A cruel hand snatched his time away Clock strikes stroke eleven in his hour He closed his eyes Before he saw the world Thick silence cradled him to sleep Everything gone in a moment Clouds, clouds, darkening all
You kindled desire in me Dirty and reckless I followed you down a very narrow lane Rough walls grazed my arms A fire suddenly started behind me I was cut off No way to turn back anymore Flames pushed me on to you Charring all hope in my heart Coils of smoke take my breath away Acrid smell strings my throat The world grows distant and dark Again I am all alone Just like I was before In flame I shall be purified In flame I shall exult I’d rather let them consume me Than feel my insides turn to stone I touch the dancing red The pain is merely a whisper On tips of flames I rise Right into the sublime Blaze, blaze, the great blaze And once this is over Once the great blaze Within and without is spent Once I explode and passion is no more I shall become scattered Into memories and star dust
Give me some silence so that I can touch The undisturbed lucidity of the air I feel my pulse in my sleep, through dreams that hide within I open to the images which lazily float in Each generation has a story to tell Stripped of our dream we sit down on clouds And vanish together with the setting sun Fading among the letters written to the past We wander and weave our nights together with mornings, Thoughts strain to hear the voice of life unfulfilled The drama of evenings and nights when the we only dream of leaving Deep in the shadow the fear of the invisible appears, Silence arrives next and sits between us Once again light crumbles in our hands Misfortune makes stronger memories than bliss Space crushes us down, grabs us and chokes us Sweet dream of satisfaction haunts us no more We awake full of fears that all we built Soon will fall apart again But the song never dies with the man Absorbing light we become light ourselves


released October 27, 2020


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Darzamat Poland

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