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In the Opium of Black Veil

by Darzamat

I flew on wings of the night To find the place beyond the world And so close I was And so strong I felt But only the hand touched And in forbidden caves I found myself Looking for the key To the gate of a place beyond the world And even nymphs dancing around me Laughed at my melancholy This day, this night, I fly beyond the world Hanging between the worlds Sailing in dark air Towards the place beyond the world
I think that life is not only this touchable, fugitive Which, though so beautyfull, passes away so quickly You used to stand behind me, I felt warm touch, heat, passion I looked back to embrace you And I saw hot purple, garden in bloom Woman with a secret flower in hair Every day with her was a secret unknown for me And when I saw her scarlet flower in her hair And a raven in the sky I thought the raven is only a bad sign And when you danced among the flowers, high grass, bloomy meadows I rised to the sky to blow away stormy clouds Watching her warming up in imagined flames I saw as she flew up in the night - as a bird I fly up into the abbys of the air And I hear the voice of the woman, so warm, so close, so painful I dream you stand behind me, I feel warm touch, heat, passion I look back to embrace you and I see Icy blackness, deadly nothing
Foul weather behind my window Fatigue on my eyes I'm so much afraid of this world That I thought I would do it now I lay down upon the clouds of pleasure And sailed through the sea of immensity Dancing winds were pushing my foggy chariot And rain was washing away Remains of daily thoughts from me In a dream I meditated And stagnant I sail from the earth to the stars From the earth to the stars For there the cold silence washes me In a moment o the highest illumination Takes me away beyond reach Of all the evil hands
Change the mood from joy to sadness Because sad is the song i sing On dreams in deep meditations On seven horses running on the shore at dawn Born to fly To fly in the depths of art To plunge in her captious whirls To sin by knowing thoughts of god But I have wasted the dawn And this is not to be forgiven by any heaven So look and see I`ll paint a picture Filled with so many questions and sorrow that divine But instead of an angel I`ll paint a man For the paint set so carefully Would wash away its shapes
Hurry my steeds chased by the wind Across the crystal meadows Nobody will hear the piano of melancholy The music is dancing in my heart In the midst of the stillness and the storm When the past closes my feelings in the ice-chains I will rise the mirror of my visions above the thoughts To steal merciless the flower of the gods Which they give away falsely And the blast of magic and the blackness of sin Will undermine my scarlet face When the wind mutter dreadful You will feel my kiss When the wind blows into the horns You will feel the flames of blazing blood Because only i am the god in my secret garden


released January 1, 1999


all rights reserved



Darzamat Poland

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